Learning More About International Shipping

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Tips For Packing Your Household In A Shipping Container For A Move To Europe

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If your employer is transferring you to their division in a European country and you need to pack your household items into a shipping container for the upcoming move, these tips will help you pack the container so it is safe for transporting and won’t damage your items: Tip: Purge Electrical Items that Won’t Work in Europe to Save Space in the Shipping Container Since the space in your shipping container is limited and the electrical system is different in Europe, it is advisable to purge electrical items and appliances before you move. Read More»

Are You Expanding Your Arts And Crafts Business?

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Are you an artist yourself? Perhaps you design your own jewelry with the intention of selling it. Maybe you are a gifted water colorist who has been encouraged by friends and family to sell your work. Or, it may be that you already own your own arts and crafts business, working right out of your home, and are looking to expand. No matter the reason why you are planning to use your artistic abilities to make more money, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More»

3 Tips to Create Great Looking Custom Packaging for Your Small Business

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If your brick and mortar business has expanded to the point that you are now shipping your products across the country instead of just selling from a brick and mortar store, you are likely interested in making sure these new customers across the country get the same great service you would provide in person. One way you can add a personal touch to items that you sell online or ship through a catalog is to come up with some custom packaging and use it when shipping all of your products. Read More»

A Few Things To Know About Using A Car Moving Service

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If you’re about to make a long-distance move, you may be concerned about how you will move all of your vehicles. You might be able to tow one of them, but that may be more of a hassle than you want to undertake. One way to move your cars and avoid putting mileage on them at the same time is to hire a car moving company. Here are a few things to know. Read More»

Bought An Old Arcade Machine? Why The Freight Shipping Cost Is So High

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If you love old arcade games and have finally found one for a good deal, you are probably very excited to buy it. Hold up; did you check the cost of shipping? That four-hundred-dollar arcade machine may cost you three or four grand! Why is the shipping so much? Well, there are several factors in play: Intermodal Trucking In order to get that arcade machine to your doorstep, the shipping company may have to use several modes of shipping. Read More»

Setting Up Extra Safety Steps With Deliveries For Prescriptions

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Prescriptions may be necessary to help maintain a high quality of life. In some cases, taking pills exactly as the doctor prescribed them reduces the chances of an adverse reaction. Someone who fails to take his/her high blood pressure medicine as suggested could suffer a very problematic adverse reaction. Getting to the pharmacy is not always easy. A person who is also suffering from a condition that undermines mobility can’t exactly make a long trip to the pharmacy. Read More»

Four Reasons to Ship by Courier Instead of the Postal Service

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If you have always shipped your packages via the United States Postal Service (USPS), commonly known as the mail, you may not have considered the benefits of using a courier for your package deliveries instead. You may also have the mistaken belief that shipping via a courier service is much more expensive than shipping via the postal service. While in many cases the cost of a courier is higher than the cost of parcel post, the difference in cost may not be as much as you may assume. Read More»

Has Your Vehicle Gone AWOL After It Was Shipped? Here Are Some Steps to Take

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You trust your auto shipping company to get your vehicle where it needs to go, whether it needs to go across the country or across the globe. So what happens when you show up at the point of delivery and discover your car’s nowhere to be found? There’s always a risk for a vehicle to be lost in transit, so here are a few steps to take if your vehicle has vanished without a trace. Read More»

How to Save Money on Shipping for Your Small Business

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If you are starting an at-home business that requires shipping products to specific clients, you need to find ways to meet the demand without breaking the bank. Traditional shipping costs can really rack up the cost of your items, and consumers see low-cost, fast shipping as a motivation to continue shopping with you. Here are some ways to save on your shipping while meeting all of your clients’ needs.  Consider a freight broker. Read More»