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Use Do Not Stack Pallet Cones To Protect Valuable Or Fragile Freight

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Does your business frequently stack valuable or fragile inventory on pallets? If so, you might be taking additional steps to make sure these items are protected and stay out of harm's way. But things can get hectic in a warehouse sometimes, especially when a new truck arrives with more inventory or materials. It's for this reason that some warehouse owners are investing in do not stack pallet cones. These cones feature prominent warning labels that can tell your workers to steer clear when stacking new pallets or merchandise in order to avoid a double stacked pallet. Here's why stocking up on some of these cones is a good idea for your business.

Double Stacked Pallets Only Work If There is No Concern About Stability or Damage to the Merchandise

Sometimes in order to save space within a warehouse, workers will load up a pallet with goods, and then place a second pallet on top of those goods and then continue loading onto the top. But this is a practice that is generally not recommended for the most part because of potential issues with stability, not to mention potential damage to the goods that are getting another pallet on top of them. You should only use a double stacked pallet if you are absolutely certain that the goods you are stacking on top of will remain 100 percent stable and will not shift at all from the weight of whatever is being put on top.

Do Not Stack Pallet Cones Can Protect Important Inventory or Materials Even When Things Get Busy

When a new truck comes in, your workers are likely running around trying to unload it as quickly as they can. What you don't want in this situation is for someone to toss another pallet on top of an already established stack all in the interest of just trying to quickly get the additional merchandise or goods out there. By putting a cone down on top of valuable or fragile merchandise, workers will know to just walk right by it and find another spot on the floor for whatever they are unloading.

Do Not Stack Cones Can Include Other Messaging Too

While the point of a cone that says "Do Not Stack" on it is obvious, most of these cones have enough room to print additional messaging. You could have the word "Fragile" printed on the cones or put language that indicates whatever is on the pallet is potentially flammable or otherwise hazardous in some way. This will provide your employees with more information that will help keep your warehouse safe.