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How To Protect Your Aerospace Supply Chain

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Aerospace products need to be packaged, labeled, documented, and shipped in a manner that is designed to ensure that these products arrive at the proper destination safely. Otherwise, your company might discover that the supply chain has become disrupted and this could cut into your profits. However, the right aerospace packaging services can help you avoid these risks.

Unique Challenges in the Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, aircraft often need to be serviced. Sudden maintenance can place a strain on the supply chain, and you will need a reliable and cost-effective way to handle this. However, without the help of experienced packaging engineers, you might not fully understand the unique packaging needs of your aerospace products. 

Your company will also be under constant pressure to keep costs low. When your aerospace parts are able to fit in packages perfectly, you will have an easier time keeping costs low. You will be able to optimize your supply chain and reduce expenditures. 

Why Your Equipment Might Become Damaged

Once your equipment is sent out, it might be loaded onto a train where it might be shaken or jolted. It might not be properly handled by a commercial truck driver or it might experience air turbulence. However, when using packaging that has the right foam density, you will not have to worry as much about your aerospace parts becoming damaged.

Packaging That Is Necessary

For aerospace products, such as wing assemblies, packaging companies use wood crates, corrugated boxes that come with foam lining, and contoured support. If your parts are not packaged properly, they might be damaged while en route and you may be forced to order more parts.

When you are unable to ship the parts you need to repair your planes, they may be grounded for a longer period of time. This can lead to lower revenue. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you choose a company that uses high-quality materials for your packaging and is also certified and uses great documentation. 

Don't Waste Time and Money on Administration

You may not be able to justify hiring full-time staff to handle the administrative tasks necessary when shipping aerospace products and you might also not want attention taken away from your core business.

You'll also be able to save money on warehousing, handling, and product protection-related costs when you outsource your aerospace packaging to a company that specializes in shipping, handling, and packaging.