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3 Common Reasons For CDL Test Failure- And Ways You Can Overcome Them

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Not every aspiring commercial truck driver will pass his or her Class A CDL exam on the first try. Finding out that you have failed your test can be discouraging, but there are some simple things that you can do to avoid a failing grade the next time around.

Learn more about three common reasons students fail the CDL exam so that you will be prepared to overcome these mistakes and set yourself up for success the next time your exam is scheduled.

1. Incomplete Knowledge

Most aspiring truck drivers attend specialized schools that prepare them for the CDL exam. It's critical that you take truck driving school seriously if you want to be successful as a driver in the future.

Your CDL exam will contain both a written portion and a hands-on portion. If you haven't taken the time to study as much as you should, you could find that your knowledge of special trucking laws or procedures is incomplete when you take the written portion of the test.

Invest in practice test booklets to help you discover areas where your knowledge needs to be enhanced so that you have the best possible chance of passing your CDL exam.

2. Lack of Experience

Experience is critical when it comes to passing the hands-on portion of a CDL exam. All students are required to complete practice hours with a qualified instructor prior to taking a CDL test.

You should use these practice hours to become familiar with the way a commercial vehicle handles. The more practice you are able to get, the more comfortable you will feel during the driving portion of your exam.

It can be helpful to invest in practice hours above and beyond the minimum required in order to gain valuable experience behind the wheel of a commercial truck before you take your CDL exam.

3. Test Anxiety

Many students suffer from test anxiety. This type of anxiety causes physical and emotional responses that can interfere with your ability to recall information in a test setting.

If test anxiety strikes while you are taking your CDL exam, there are some basic strategies that you can employ to help minimize the effects of this anxiety.

Establish a pre-test routine that you use each time you take a practice test. Engaging in a familiar routine will help keep anxiety at bay on test day. You can also utilize breathing exercises to help quell your anxiety and prepare for your CDL exam.

If you are looking to pass your CDL exam, sign up for a Class a CDL driver training course today.