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LTL VS. FTL Shipping: Which Is The Better Option?

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Many freight companies offer two common transportation options: less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL). Unfortunately, no hard and fast rules are available that you should follow to select the option that suits your needs best. The best way to understand the more favorable option is to compare different factors. Below are five crucial factors to consider when you select a shipment option. 1. Cost Because LTL shipments leave space for other goods, your freight company will only charge you for the space your goods occupy. Read More»

Use Do Not Stack Pallet Cones To Protect Valuable Or Fragile Freight

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Does your business frequently stack valuable or fragile inventory on pallets? If so, you might be taking additional steps to make sure these items are protected and stay out of harm’s way. But things can get hectic in a warehouse sometimes, especially when a new truck arrives with more inventory or materials. It’s for this reason that some warehouse owners are investing in do not stack pallet cones. These cones feature prominent warning labels that can tell your workers to steer clear when stacking new pallets or merchandise in order to avoid a double stacked pallet. Read More»