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Which Hazardous Materials Can You Ship?

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Shipping hazardous material may seem like something that you cannot do. The truth is that you can actually ship a variety of materials that are otherwise considered hazardous or dangerous.  The following are some of the different items you can actually ship through some shipping companies. Explosives While there are many explosives that are not fit to be shipped, there are actually a few explosives that you may be able to ship if you are sure to label it as hazardous. Read More»

Why It's Important to Package Hazardous Materials Properly

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If your business works with hazardous materials, such as if you sell hazardous materials to other businesses that need them, then you may have to worry about packaging and shipping these materials on a regular basis. If this is the case, it is important to make sure that you package hazardous materials properly. Of course, the right way of packaging hazardous materials is going to depend on the types of materials that you’re packaging and what you will be doing with those materials. Read More»

How To Avoid Mishaps When Using A Freight Company

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Working with a freight company is the best way to ship your cargo to another country. However, there are steps you can take as a customer that can make the job of the freight company easier and avoid unnecessary delays. Provide Accurate Information When you are working with a freight company for the first time, you will want to provide the most accurate information that you can. Make sure that the fright company knows about the dimensions that you will be shipping your products in. Read More»