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How To Avoid Mishaps When Using A Freight Company

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Working with a freight company is the best way to ship your cargo to another country. However, there are steps you can take as a customer that can make the job of the freight company easier and avoid unnecessary delays.

Provide Accurate Information

When you are working with a freight company for the first time, you will want to provide the most accurate information that you can. Make sure that the fright company knows about the dimensions that you will be shipping your products in. If you are not sure about the information you should provide, make sure to ask the freight company for advice.

Find out if your shipment is oversized or overweight. This might lead to higher shipping costs. If you provide the right weights and measurements, your shipping company will help you find affordable options. Also, make sure to not change delivery information while your shipment is in transit because this can cost more money and can also lead to delays.

Safeguard Your Shipment

Make sure that your shipment is crated or palletized. This will protect your shipment from damage and will also make it easier for the freight company to transport your cargo. If you aren't sure how to properly safeguard your shipment, contact your freight company.

List the Correct Commodity

The commodity listed on the shipment must be correct. Otherwise, your shipment might need to be reclassified. This could lead to delays and could lead to further expenses. 

Know the Requirements of the Shipping Location

Learn about the requirements for the shipping location. Find out if the shipping point has a loading dock or if you will need a liftgate. You may also need to schedule an appointment before arriving at the shipping location. Make sure to offer plenty of time for loading and unloading.

Consider the Guaranteed Delivery Option

Know the delivery schedules, especially if you have a time-sensitive delivery. The guaranteed delivery option will give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your shipment will arrive on time, though this may require a higher fee.

List the Origin and Destination

One of the common problems faced when shipping is that cargo becomes misplaced. Make sure to always include the origin and destination on your shipment so your shipment is not sent to the wrong location. Fortunately, when working with a freight company, there will be many solutions available to you that can help you get your freight to the intended destination on time and under budget.