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Which Hazardous Materials Can You Ship?

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Shipping hazardous material may seem like something that you cannot do. The truth is that you can actually ship a variety of materials that are otherwise considered hazardous or dangerous. 

The following are some of the different items you can actually ship through some shipping companies.


While there are many explosives that are not fit to be shipped, there are actually a few explosives that you may be able to ship if you are sure to label it as hazardous. You should always check with a company before you ship explosives to ensure that the package is marked appropriately and handled the way it is meant to be.

Flammable Materials

Some flammable materials can be shipped via certain companies, but the volume of flammable liquids is taken into account. Additionally, certain types, like cryogenic liquids, may not be shipped at all. These materials may have to be separated from other materials as well.

Small Arms Cartridges

While many different cartridges and weapon-related items cannot be shipped, some companies are willing to ship small arms cartridges. These are smaller cartridges that must have appropriate measures taken to ensure they cannot hurt anybody in the process of shipping. Additionally, cartridges cannot be shipped inside weapons.

Corrosive Materials

Corrosive materials are those that are bases or acids. The most common corrosive materials include nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, potassium hydroxide, and sodium hydroxide. These are items that somebody could come into contact with and become burned simply by touching them. These types of goods must be labeled as corrosive.


Oxidizers are items that increase the amount of oxygen available, thus burning fuels more efficiently. These items can start fires and help fires grow, which makes them quite dangerous. Hydrogen peroxide is one example of an oxidizer, and people need to know where these items are to ensure that they cannot damage property and injure people.

Animal & Human Body Parts

Then, there are human and animal body parts. Formerly living organisms can generally not be shipped, so you should always speak to a shipping company before you send anything that could be construed as a body part or dead organism.

Speak With Shipping Companies Today

Different shipping companies offer the opportunity to ship hazardous materials you cannot ship through other companies. If you have questions about shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials, reaching out to one of these companies can help you.