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Why Limited Packaging Should Be Your Ultimate Goal

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You have this great product that you want to sell and ship. Most companies do, but the problem is that the available box packaging from post offices and other shipping companies does not quite fit what you are selling. You absolutely can find a custom packaging company to design shipping packaging for this product. You should consider dimensional limits on your custom packaging as you begin working with a package designer. Limiting package shapes and dimensions should be your ultimate goal, and here is why. 

Cheaper Shipping Costs

The larger and more oddly-shaped a box, the more shipping companies charge you to ship your product. If there is a way you can condense, fold down, or make your product compact with some assembly required, a custom box will ship for less than a custom box that fits a fully assembled product. It is something to consider when you are looking at keeping costs low for consumers and for you company, while increasing sales and profits. 

Easier Packing and Stacking

Some custom boxes may require extra padding or stuffing to make them work. That is an added expense that you may not have considered when you wanted a custom package/box designed. If the padding/stuffing in the box will not cost that much extra per box, it may be worth it in the long run. However, you do have to do the math to see what it would cost per one-hundred-thousand units, considering that you may be shipping in bulk before you know it. If you limit the packaging, all packaged product will be more easily packed, more easily stacked, and easier to ship.

Less Packaging and Shipping Costs Equals Increased Profits

When you are not spending so much money on shipping and box packaging, more of the profits stay in your business's coffers. Since that is the goal of most every business and every company ever created, it makes sense to look for logical and logistical solutions. Custom packaging companies will work with you either way; it does not matter if you want big and oddly-shaped boxes or limited and compact boxes. If your goal is bigger profits, however, then you need to sit down with your product design team and the custom packaging company and figure out how to make this product fit a custom package that does not dip into your business's profit margins. The solution is there if you look.