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Tips For Packing Your Household In A Shipping Container For A Move To Europe

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If your employer is transferring you to their division in a European country and you need to pack your household items into a shipping container for the upcoming move, these tips will help you pack the container so it is safe for transporting and won't damage your items:

Tip: Purge Electrical Items that Won't Work in Europe to Save Space in the Shipping Container

Since the space in your shipping container is limited and the electrical system is different in Europe, it is advisable to purge electrical items and appliances before you move. Sell the larger appliances with value and then donate the smaller items to a local charity thrift store and take the tax deduction for the donation. 

Tip: Pack Artwork and Breakable Items in Bubble Wrap and Place them in Sturdy Boxes or Wooden Crates

As your shipping container is loaded onto and unloaded off of the ocean liner, it will be jostled around a lot. This, in addition to the excessive movement as the ocean tosses around the ship, will damage breakable items and crush artwork. To prevent damage, wrap these items in plenty of bubble wrap and then place them in either wooden crates or very sturdy moving boxes. It is very important you don't leave any open space between the items and their containers because excess space will give things a chance to shift around and become damaged in transit. 

Tip: Load All of Your Large Furniture First and Secure Each Piece in Place with Ropes

Once the shipping container arrives on your property, start loading it by placing each one of your large furniture pieces along the sides and back of it. Place a moving blanket over each piece to protect it from rubbing damage as it shifts in the container, and then secure it to the side of the container using rope and tying it off to the tie-off points on the inner walls of the container.

Tip: Pack Your Boxes into the Remaining Space in the Container

Finally, once all of your furniture is secured in the shipping container, then place your boxes into the remaining space. Stack your boxes so the larger and heavier ones are on the bottom and the smaller and lighter boxes are on the top. As you stack in the boxes, wrap and secure them with rope to help prevent them from shifting during the move.

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