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Are You Expanding Your Arts And Crafts Business?

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Are you an artist yourself? Perhaps you design your own jewelry with the intention of selling it. Maybe you are a gifted water colorist who has been encouraged by friends and family to sell your work. Or, it may be that you already own your own arts and crafts business, working right out of your home, and are looking to expand. No matter the reason why you are planning to use your artistic abilities to make more money, here are some ideas that might help you.

Putting Out The Word - Of course, your friends and family may already have the knowledge that you are either starting a new business or that you are expanding what you have already established. However, you are probably wanting to put the word out to other sources so that you can grow your business, thus bringing in money. Have you considered creating a portfolio that contains excellent pictures of the work you have created? While it might be easy for you to take your work to art galleries in your area, getting it to galleries in other towns and cities might be more of a challenge. Think of actually sending an example of your work to art studios outside of your area. You might find that the studios will sell them on consignment, or they might place orders to purchase your work for the gallery. 

Distributing Your Work - Once you have established a clientele that is interested in either purchasing your art work or the arts and crafts items in your inventory, consider how you will get the product to the customer. For example, if you have received an order for a framed oil painting, you will more than likely want to have the artwork wrapped and crated, maybe even by a shipping company. If the items you sell are smaller, say individual pieces of jewelry, you can more than likely distribute those products yourself. Whether you distribute your products yourself or have professionals do the job, consider the presentation of the items you are sending. For example, jewelry pieces would probably make more of an impression if they were wrapped in high-quality tissue paper, the paper secured with a sticker that has your logo on it, and then sent in an attractive box.

If you distribute products yourself, don't forget to insure them. If you use a professional distributor, that company might already have insurance as part of the cost of the distribution. Be sure to find that information out. Contact companies like BGS FULFILLMENT to learn more about product distribution.