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Bought An Old Arcade Machine? Why The Freight Shipping Cost Is So High

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If you love old arcade games and have finally found one for a good deal, you are probably very excited to buy it. Hold up; did you check the cost of shipping? That four-hundred-dollar arcade machine may cost you three or four grand! Why is the shipping so much? Well, there are several factors in play:

Intermodal Trucking

In order to get that arcade machine to your doorstep, the shipping company may have to use several modes of shipping. Not only will they need to use trucks to get over land, but if your new toy is coming overseas, an ocean freighter is also necessary. Trains may be used to move your arcade machine inland, or just to move it faster over ground because the trucks are limited to certain speeds and trains are allowed to go faster than a truck. If several modes are used, you are paying shipping charges for each mode.

Weight of Your Arcade Machine

The weight of any heavy item plays a major part in how it is shipped and how the shipping charges are determined. An arcade machine often weighs in excess of two hundred pounds, and you will want to insure it to make sure it shows up in good shape. You may have some say in how it is shipped if the seller gives you that option, but it has to be shipped freight no matter what because of its size and weight.


Old arcade machines could break easily during shipping. The thick, heavy, glass screen could get smashed, or the box could be damaged. Freight shipping often includes some insurance to help protect against handling damages. You may opt to pay extra insurance to ensure the full restoration of your purchase in the event that it arrives so badly damaged that you cannot recognize it. The standard and included insurance, combined with any extra insurance you requested, is yet one more reason why your shipping charges on a four-hundred-dollar antique are so high.

Reductions in Shipping Costs

With these types of items, it is difficult to cut costs on shipping. You could cut the insurance, but then you take risks with your purchase arriving in one piece. Intermodal trucking actually does a very decent job of trying to find the cheapest route and cheapest means of shipping possible to spare customers the extra or excess cost. Finally, consider looking for the same arcade machine closer to home. It may take you a lot longer to find it, but it will cost you less in shipping charges.