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Setting Up Extra Safety Steps With Deliveries For Prescriptions

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Prescriptions may be necessary to help maintain a high quality of life. In some cases, taking pills exactly as the doctor prescribed them reduces the chances of an adverse reaction. Someone who fails to take his/her high blood pressure medicine as suggested could suffer a very problematic adverse reaction. Getting to the pharmacy is not always easy. A person who is also suffering from a condition that undermines mobility can't exactly make a long trip to the pharmacy. Hiring a company for medical delivery reduces the chances of going without medication. The delivery professionals, however, do need a little help from the customer in order to get the order to the person who needs it. Added security measures help with this goal.

Set Up a Reliable Drop-Off Location

Is the delivery person supposed to knock on the door and only leave the pills with the person who answers or can they be left on the front porch? Is the front porch or rear porch too unsecured for delivery? Always make the primary and secondary delivery instructions as clear as possible. This way, the prescriptions are placed where they can be found easily and not misplaced. Be consistent with delivery instructions and avoid repeatedly changing them to curtail mishaps.

Reduce the Chance of Theft

Anyone who is not home at the time of delivery or unable to answer the door might be worried thieves could steal the prescriptions. Additional instructions to safeguard the prescription might be worth instituting. For example, the prescription could be placed in between the rear door and rear screen door. The delivery person could be instructed to lock the screen door prior to closing it. Now, safety is increased and entry through the locked front door is not a problem for the homeowner or others with a key.

Ask for a Text Confirmation

Immediately texting the recipient that the prescriptions have arrived allows for moving them from the delivery spot to the intended recipient or a safer spot without delay. A simple text confirmation also gives the recipient peace of mind. He/she knows the delivery has arrived. In the horrible event the prescription is missing, the delivery confirmation text allows the customer to take quick action to order a new prescription.

Services that Truly Deliver

A solid prescription delivery service should be able to accommodate the requests of clients. Requests associated with improving the safe delivery of prescriptions are likely to be taken very seriously and honored to the best of the company's ability.

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